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Helping people with disabilities become more Empowered and Empowering agencies and businesses to profit from being more accessible and inclusive.

Dealing with the realities and struggles of disability can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can be hard just to make it through the day. Society has told us that people with disabilities are needy, not as worthy as others, cost taxpayers, and are not capable of making a positive impact on society.  We are also taught that people with disabilities are not suitable for the work world and are too hard orcostly to accommodate. 

However, with over $25 billion dollars in spending power and recent legislation in force, services and businesses now want to, and need to, embrace people with disabilities as key players in their organizations and profit from this wealth but  struggle to know how to go about it.

That is why I am here.  I am a Social Worker with over 20 years specializing in disability. I provide professional therapy and consultation to meet all your disability-related needs. My services are accessible to all and customized to help you deal with your concerns and discover your ability to have more than you ever thought possible..

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Hi, I'm Tara.  Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.  I invite you to look around and see a bit more about me and how I can help you. It would be my honour to work with you to address your concerns and needs and to plan for the future you deserve.

 I have lived with various disabilities, chronic illnesses and pain, as well as injuries throughout my life. I know first-hand that living with a disability is a daily struggle.  I have also experienced barriers trying to get and maintain services and employment because many employers and services are hesitant to embrace accessibility and include people with disabilities, thinking that modifying their workplaces and practices will be costly.  I have a vision that one day all people with disabilities will feel valued in society and will have access to the whole world without unneccesary restriction, and will have the belief that our potential is endless. My services help individuals, families and groups deal with the emotional impact of disabilities and support businesses and services to become more acccessible, inclusive, and subsequently profitable. With my life experiences and my Master's degree in Social Work, with a focus on both clinical therapy and community development, I am uniquely able to help you meet you needs and have a better, happier and more successful future.

Please keep in touch with me by subscribing to my blog and newletter, and feel free to contact me at any time.  I look forward to talking to you soon  

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